Randy Douthit is the director of the show Judy Justice. Randy is also a producer and director. The show, Judy Justice is Courtroom related drama show. It stars Judge Sheindlin Judy. The show can be found on sites like the IMDb TV. This is an Amazon streaming service that charges no cost. Randy Douthit was the director and producer of the Show Judy Justice before he took over the show that was a number one syndication for a span of more than 12 seasons. This show is a show that has won the Emmy Award for several times and was completed in 2021, September.

Randy Douthit featured on both Larry King Live and Crossfire before joining Judge Judy. These two shows are hosted by CNN. It was during his time at CNN that he experienced great success. Randy was also an executive producer affiliated to the famous Warner Bros. He has also been the second in command at the television of Quincy Jones Entertainment. He has overseen different productions including the famous hit called The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air. Randy has been one of the greatest imaginative and highly creative producers of his time.

Indeed, Randy has been a great pioneer. He has seen the rise to popularity of different shows. One of such is Seattle Today. This was a local show that was on the verge of falling. He uplifted this show to a number one show with over a cost of 65 per share. This is a feat that has never been accomplished on this show before. After this assignment, he joined CNN where he became a nationally renowned individual. He worked at CNN for 11 years. He created the three of the shows that saw success at CNN. This is Larry King Life, Crossfire and Capital Gang. He also hosted a show that saw George Bush among other dignitaries attend.

Randy DouthitThe show that he was the executive producer of, Judge Judy, ended in September 2021 after 25-year run. Randy Douthit has won different awards including two Peabody Awards, six Emmy® Awards, and six Cable Ace Awards.

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