Tom Keane: Helping Keep Our Digital Landscape Safe and Secure

If there’s one truth that has rung true for the last couple of years, it’s that the workplace has evolved and morphed before our eyes. Simply put, COVID-19 turned the standard office into a chaotic dance of productivity, interconnectedness and remote technologies that left many workers unsure of their next move. Tom Keane — the Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global and Mission Engineer at Microsoft Azure — works with technologists and experts to secure the tools of the trade, giving workers newfound confidence in their abilities.


Breakthrough Remote Technologies and Security Mechanisms


One domain that Tom Keane and his colleagues focused on was the ability to work off-site while adhering to stay-at-home orders and legislation. To accomplish his task, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), also known as Azure Virtual Desktop, was born. 


Tom Keane: Microsoft's Cloud Computing MVP

Tom Keane explains more. In general terms, Windows Virtual Desktop is a virtualized productivity environment that replicates an employee’s office device, allowing them to complete projects and adhere to deadlines from their home office. From chatting with colleagues to tackling a buggy piece of code, no task is too trivial or too demanding for Azure Virtual Desktop.


Connecting the Global Market


The success of WVD further solidifies Tom Keane’s aspiration of unifying the digital world under Microsoft’s umbrella. More specifically, Keane and his team focus on creating the safe and secure cloud-based environments that industry leaders, employees and entrepreneurs need to breathe life into their projects. While simplistic on its surface, Tom Keane’s accomplishments enable millions of remote workers to actively participate in their success, one cloud service at a time.