Stitch Fix is another company getting into the AI world

All around the world, artificial Intelligence is getting more and more popular. With DALL-E 2, Midjourney, ChatGPT you can create anything you want. Companies are using AI to help businesses grow and make their business earlier to manage and maintain. One of the companies dipping their toe in the AI world is Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription company. 


You tell them what your measurements are and they pick out outfits for you to choose and ask for. If you don’t like anything they choose, you can send back the garments. The ways Stitch Fix is blending AI into their business are using AI in headlines for their ads and product descriptions.


Using AI in Ads

They will use AI to make a vast number of ads in a short amount of time. The AI will learn from their Q&A session on their website, summaries, and text. The AI will also use data from personal styles to create the perfect ad. This is the mechanism applied for the Stitch Fix fashion blog.


Using AI in Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are very important because the prospect needs to know what they are buying if they choose to keep the garments. The descriptions need to be precise and well detailed for the buyer to be sure what they are getting. This is why, as Stitch Fix fashion specialists assure,  AI can help the huge writing load for their copywriters. 


Stitch Fix will also use human writers. The human writers will help tweak any mistakes that AI does since AI isn’t perfect yet. Stitch Fix began in 2011 and it has grown to having men’s clothes available to choose from in 2016. In 2017, they also introduced plus size for women.