Randy Douthit Promulgates Production during Pandemic

Randy Douthit Randy Douthit has long been known as one of the foremost producers currently active on the scene. His list of credits includes some of the most influential productions ever mounted on TV. He is credited as the brains behind such visionary projects as “Judge Judy” and “Judy Justice.” But this is far from the only distinction he has earned.

One of the areas in which he has been most influential has been legal viewing. His wise choice to shine the spotlight on retired justice Judy Sheindlin was truly inspired. This has had a great deal to do with the current phenomenon of legal productions that have swept TV. He has also had an indirect hand in making “law nerds” popular on YouTube.

However, in the past few years, Randy Douthit has earned himself yet another accolade. He has been among the many TV producers who have had to find a way to carry on work during a dangerous time. The recent global pandemic was a source of panic to billions of people all across the world.

Randy Douthit is quick to point out that the number one negative is always going to be the cost of producing during such an episode of unrest. He then goes on to clarify that a great percentage of this extra cost is due to safety measures. There is a set of protocols which are put in place due to the dictates of current laws that are in force.

Randy Douthit The major issue is that these new protocols are sure to increase the amount of time that it takes to produce a new project. This is naturally an issue that runs straight into money. As it does so, it reduces the willpower of many executives to stay the course.

Randy Douthit has never been among the faint of heart. He has managed to find ways to get straight to the heart of a goal. This has been true even under the most trying of conditions. This is one of the main reasons why he has continued to enjoy a high regard in an industry that always evolves.

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