Jason Hope´s View on Social Networking

Social media plays a massive role in people’s lives today. Initially, social media platforms like Facebook existed for sharing pictures as business expert Jason Hope states. However, with the advancement of Technology, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have impacted the growth of businesses and firms. In addition, giant firms and professionals use social media to market their services and businesses locally and internationally. Therefore, social networking is, without a doubt, fundamental to business growth.


Hope shares his thoughts on social networking, and they include the following:


Social Media Helps Businesses Grow


Jason Hope believes that businesses can grow tremendously with the help of social media platforms. Firstly, businesses can make direct sales from Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. Customers will purchase from your business if the products look appealing and you have a substantial social media following. They don’t have to meet you in person. Jason advises business owners to build their following and likes on social media. Also, he says that positive reviews attract more buyers.


Social Media is The Number One Source of Entertainment Among People Today


The fact that you find people glued to their phones no matter where you go proves that social media is an excellent source of entertainment for people in all age brackets. Jason Hope adds that platforms like Instagram and Facebook not only provide entertainment but are also informational.


Phones are the Commonly Used Devices to Access Social Media


Mobile phones are easily accessible, and many people use them to create social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Therefore, Jason Hope adds, paid advertisement is an effective strategy to grow your business locally and globally. Similarly, social media is the fastest way for businesses to attract many customers and maintain existing ones.

Jason Hope´s Advocacy for Stem Cell Research

Jason’s Hope View on Facebook


Jason thinks that Facebook is slowly losing popularity to other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. Gen Z is less keen on Facebook, and people have trust issues with the platform after the data leakage scandal. Also, Jason Hope thinks that Facebook can regain its popularity if it updates some of its features. Further, Facebook can thrive if Zuckerberg can make the app more secure.


Jason’s Final Thoughts


Ultimately, social media is impactful to people of all ages. People can now get information and entertainment as well as grow their businesses.