Hughes Marino Helps You Find Your Ideal Workplace Space

Hughes Marino is an award-winning tenant representation firm that provides commercial lease accounting services to businesses throughout the United States. The representation firm helps organizations find and secure workspaces while delivering forward-thinking solutions that save clients time and money. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Hughes Marino’s team of professionals has a deep understanding of commercial lease accounting. They are committed to providing top-notch service to their clients. 

Services offered by Hughes Marino:

 How Hughes Marino Can Help You Find the Right Space 

At Hughes Marino, they understand how important it is for organizations to have a suitable space to be successful, an area that aligns with their mission and culture. That’s why they take extra care in helping organizations find their ideal workplace spaces – from initial conception to the completion of the move. They provide comprehensive tenant representation services such as site selection, lease negotiation, construction management, and tax analysis. 


Comprehensive Lease Negotiation 

When negotiating leases with landlords on behalf of their clients, Hughes Marino strives for win-win outcomes where both parties come out on top. Their team applies a data-driven approach to ensure balanced negotiations for each transaction and maximize benefits for their client’s bottom line. They are skilled at providing that every shade clause is adequately crafted to protect tenants financially and legally over the lease term. 


Data Analysis Strategies 

Hughes Marino provides comprehensive data analysis strategies to best serve their clients during lease negotiations. They achieve this by leveraging powerful software tools such as Tableau or Power BI dashboards and case studies to illustrate desired metrics or argument points favorable to tenants—allowing negotiation teams informed decision making when faced with high stakes transactions. 


Staff members from the representation firm explain that these platforms also allow them to develop graphs or charts illustrating opportunity costs versus alternative deals or renewal options. 24/7 Service Unlike most lease accounting brokers who close up shop after 5 pm, Hughes Marino is available 24/7 for their clients—so help is always just a phone call away (Fortune)! 

Their uncompromising commitment to hard work results in quick response times, something both their clients greatly appreciate when faced with significant business decisions. At Hughes Marino, they take great pride in providing exceptional service and value-adds, so you can be sure that your interests will be represented soundly throughout every phase of your leasing process!