Damien Granderson´s Outstanding Career

Damien Granderson is a former Major League Baseball player. A graduate of Tulane University with a degree in economics, he has since been a leader in many sports projects, including as the owner of the Team San Diego franchise for the retired players association MLB Players Alumni Association.



Damien Granderson, born on September 5th, 1969, was part of the US youth team that triumphed over Italy in 1986. After his college graduation in 1992, where he played with the Tulane Green Wave baseball team, he opted for a career in pro baseball. Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 1993 as a catcher, he was then traded to the Atlanta Braves, where he made his debut against the Chicago Cubs on June 19th, 1996. 


He also played with other major league clubs, including Tampa Bay and San Francisco, before retiring from active play in 2005. While still active as a player, he set up an investment fund in 1998 that offered incentives to players who could deliver capital gains to investors. As of 2011, as Damien Granderson recalls, the fund had 17,000 clients with assets over $250m, growing to over $1bn in 2007. Having previously worked as an advisor at a prestigious law firm, Granderson is currently setting up several ventures.


These, including his involvement with team San Diego, the owners association, to help retired MLB players. Crucial to this was his work on an initiative to remove biases and get members more involved in decision-making on how their membership funds are invested (Twitter). 

The objective was to provide better service to members and better investment opportunities for them and their beneficiaries. He was twice voted the Atlanta Braves’ top Rookie in 1996 and then again in 1998 before being named the Rookie of the Year by MLBPA online magazine in 2000. Damien Granderson was later voted a 1997 MLB All-Star Game starter for his team and played 18 Games that Season. Granderson also has several other achievements, including winning the triple crown for college baseball in 1992.