Benefits You Can Only Find at Advanzia Bank

Advanzia BankIf you’re looking for a bank that offers something not available anywhere else, Advanzia is the place to be. We offer a wide portfolio of services and benefits, so there’s a lot more than just financing your next vacation. And if you want the advantages of digital banking, you get them all with our Internet bank.

From the very beginning, Advanzia Bank has focused on providing a unique bank for its clients. We believe our experience and know-how will offer you benefits that only true service providers can offer. And in doing so, we’re able to create partnerships with all types of clients – from individual investors to financial institutions – because all of us at Advanzia share the same goals: your financial well-being.

  1. Monthly Interest rate

Earn a high interest rate on your entire portfolio without the need to stress about a minimum balance. While other banks require you to have a large minimum balance inorder to earn an interest, with Advanzia Bank you only require a balance of 1 euro to start earning your monthly 3% interest.

  1. Easy accessibility

You can access your account from any internet-enabled device. Directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone using our secure portal. On top of being easy to use, we provide instant deposit and transaction service, so you can deposit and withdraw money at any time and always in real time.

  1. 100% free of charges and fees

Our clients don’t pay anything for using our services or making transactions. Not even a cent. You can also use our services and transactions without ever having to worry about additional fees and charges. Other banks require you to pay for a lot of things like printing out statements, paper statements, non-direct deposit into your accounts, and many other hidden service fees.

  1. Dedicated Account Manager

Get in touch with the bank that’s dedicated to you and your unique needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives will be there for you whenever you need an expert opinion or a problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Advanzia BankDo you want to get ahead of the game? Do you want to focus on what is important and ignore the rest? Then it’s time for you to join Advanzia Bank. We make sure that you’re not just another client but rather a partner in our company. Together, we will create a successful future where we all benefit from working in the same direction towards a brighter future.


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