Sudhir Choudhrie has been a Leading Figure on the International Trading Scene

For over 40 years, Sudhir Choudhrie has been a leading figure on the international trading scene, with a focus on steel. He is currently the Executive Director of Magnum International Trading Co., continuing to lead the industry in innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Choudhrie’s experience ranges from the most common commodities, such as iron ore, steel, and coal, to more exotic products, such as timber, gold, and uranium. He has built a reputation for trading small amounts of those commodities and is considered one of the most respected overseas traders in these markets.

His steel trading experience was instrumental in bringing Magnum many of its first customers. With a vast network of contacts in the steel industry, Choudhrie has built up a loyal client base worldwide. Most of Magnum’s shipments are generated by repeat business and referrals.

Magnum International Trading Co.

Magnum International Trading Co. is a privately owned international trading company with Sudhir Choudhrie as its director. The company is currently based in Hong Kong and has offices worldwide. The Hong Kong office employs a staff of 10, while the London office has 30 employees.

Founded as a steel trading company, Magnum has expanded its reach to include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, black coal, and cement coal. They also operate an open-access warehousing facility in China at 150,000 sq m with distribution networks spanning over 20 countries worldwide and employ around 100 people.

Magnum International Trading Co. Services

Magnum International Trading Co. can offer an unrivaled combination of services covering the entire supply chain, from overseas trade to warehousing, global logistics, and project cargo. They offer their customers a unique trading service using the experience of their growing team of international staff with extensive industry experience.

Sudhir Choudhrie is an experienced figure in the international trading market who has built a reputation for being a safe and reliable trading partner. His work with leading steel traders and metal miners worldwide has given him a wealth of contacts and knowledge on which to draw and the flexibility to source very small amounts of metal from niche suppliers.

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