Interview Of Andrew Frame On His Innovations

The Ideamensch interview experience with Andrew Frame covers his career focus and achievements.

Andrew Frame is a well-established entrepreneur and business owner known for founding Citizen App, a service provider on the Internet. His platform has enabled the combination of location information with the security agents and intelligence securing the safety of people. He used his computer skills to form this platform at the age of fifteen, displaying him as an expert in software development and programming.

In addition, Andrew Frame used his entrepreneurial skills to manage the internet service provider platform since its foundation as the Chief Executive officer. The Idea of making this Technology company has its roots traced to his thoughts of making a technological product that he believed the world was missing. According to him, the world requires technology to secure the safety of people from all locations of the world. From this perspective, Frame came up with the Citizen web intending to improve the world`s lifestyle of the people. The organization’s operations were initially based in New York city but transitioned to being remote after the pandemic and having some operations in Los Angeles.

Andrew Frame has been able to implement his ideas into reality by having a well-organized and strategic team that has offered him operational support. Having a team made of skilled and inventive personnel, he has been able to gain pleasure in his work, therefore, accelerating the transformations in his firm.

In addition, he attributes the prioritization of his ideas to the success of their implementation. This is because by focusing on the preferred ideas, his team can strategically build on a plan to execute his ideas. This involves evaluating the possible impacts of the Idea on the Citizen`s core objective of protection through the global network of people. Refer to this article for more information.


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