Why Leonardo Dicaprio Invested In Livio Bisterzo’s Vegan HIPPEAS

Just recently, HIPPEAS founder took to the media to announce his vegan snack company’s newest investor, the legendary actor, and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. According to a press release, by Livio Bisterzo, Leonardo had acquired a minority stake for an undisclosed amount at the snack company that has been growing rapidly both in the United States and the UK. Though the company wasn’t actively looking for funding, Livio mentioned that he was privileged to bring on board DiCaprio as a partner given that his interests perfectly aligned with the company’s visions and values.

So far, the HIPPEAS snack, which is available in six flavors have received warm embrace in over 20,000 stores in both the US and UK. It would be interesting to see the heights the snack will possibly hit after DiCaprio’s popularity and capital injection.

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DiCaprio’s interests in HIPPEAS
Leonardo DiCaprio has for long been quite vocal about the need for the conservation of the environment. He is also a climate change brand ambassador. In 2014, he produced a documentary film, Cowspiracy, which sought to explore and enlighten the world on the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. His investment in the vegan snack, HIPPEAS, the brand can, therefore, be interpreted as a step towards the actualization of his believes in climate conservation.

What makes the HIPPEAS snacks so attractive?
During the recently concluded 2017 sweets and snacks expo in Chicago, the HIPPEAS booth was pulsating with excitement. Such interest in the brand is partly attributable to the snack’s unique taste on the one hand and DiCaprio’s partnership on the other. However, when asked what the Green Park Owned company was doing differently to elicit such interest in the snack, Livio is optimistic that the secret lies in its preparation. He is quoted as saying that of all the roasted chicken pea snacks currently available, none can match the level of extrusion and bakery techniques that went into producing HIPPEAS.

About Livio Bisterzo
Livio is the co-founder of the HIPPEAS brand and the current CEO and founder of its parent company, Green Park Brands. Being an entrepreneur for the most of his life, Livio Bisterzo has tasted both failure and success with the different brands that he has helped champion. To date, his most successful outfit remains the HIPPEAS and UGLY Water brands, popularized under the Green Park banner.

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Jeremy Goldstein providing his services to more people and at a lower cost

Many people in New York often have trouble finding the right lawyer to settle their legal matter. The New York State Bar Association and the trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has made it easier for New Yorkers who need a lawyer to handle any legal issue crisis. The lawyers available can handle any criminal case, personal case, landlord dispute, or even help with writing your last will and testament.


The New York State Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral and Information Service recently created a new online service for those seeking legal help. The New York State Bar Association operates this service 24 hours a day and is completely confidential. However, those who wish to to use the LRIS telephone service can continue to do so. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service is eases the stress way to get legal assistance. The New York State Bar Association has properly vetted and approved the lawyers made available through this service and ensures they are in proper legal standing.


The New York State Bar Association created this service with support from Legal.io, which is a leading provider of referral management technology for those in the legal field. This new online service allows lawyers to offer their services to a wider range of people and offering their services at a much lower cost, which makes it the most trusted service for those who rely on New York’s laws.


Jeremy Goldstein is currently leading partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Prior to starting his own firm he was partner at the firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein has been key in many of the nation’s top corporate transactions of the last decade.


Jeremy Goldstein recently became the chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He is one of the top experts on corporate governance and executive compensation and spoken at length on these topics for various media outlets.


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Why Wild Ark Works to Preserve Natural Wilderness Areas Around the World

Not only are more people choosing to take Eco-friendly vacations, but more travel agencies are now offering packages that include Eco-friendly destinations. These vacation spots are generally found in wilderness areas that have not yet been affected by modernization. In many instances these areas also offer vacation accommodations that are in keeping with the concept of preserving the planet. In an effort to help reduce the carbon footprint left behind on the planet, many of the local establishments in these regions offer recycling programs and use renewable sources of energy. Learn more: http://wildark.com/news/


Those individuals interested in visiting an Eco-friendly vacation area will find the majority of them provide visitors with a personal look at the wildlife indigenous to the region. Some of these destination spots are located on remote islands such as those found in the archipelago group of Vanuatu. Some are located within rain forest areas such as those found deep within South America. There are also many natural preserves located throughout the wilderness areas of Africa. Many of these vacation spots are also supported by Eco-friendly organizations such as Wild Ark. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/29/david-pocock-will-spend-his-sabbatical-saving-the-world/


As an organization focused on preserving the natural wilderness areas around the world, Wild Ark works hard to identify and secure regions classified as green belts. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson founded this organization because they were concerned about losing what is left of the world’s wilderness areas to development. Like others who are trying to save the environment for future generations, the team at Wild Ark strives to create world wide awareness of the need these places have for preservation. They also view these natural wildlife habitats as educational resources for researchers who would like to learn more about the connection the planet has with the life it sustains. The designated green belt areas are also places where vacationers could become inspired to reconnect with nature. Learn more:https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-hutchinson-596329121/?ppe=1


End Citizens United; the Political Action Committee (PAC) Championing Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a national grassroots political committee. The committee’s main agenda has been spearheading reforms of campaign finances. This is done, usually, by funding campaigns of the politicians who stand against the decision of Citizens United ruled by Supreme Court in 2010; this is where the name End Citizens United originated from. This ruling of Supreme Court has meaningfully boosted the involvement of corporations to fund politicians by offering huge contributions to their campaigns hence making them able to form super PACs with the ability to spend and raise huge amounts.


This PAC has endorsed one of the politicians, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, for re-elections come 2018. He has been vocal about the campaign finance reforms by advocating for transparency when it comes to political spending and donations. He has even gone ahead to publish a book called ‘Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy.’ Democrat Senator Whitehouse has even looked into Neil Gorsuch who is a Supreme Court Justice about the millions of unexplained money used to support his nominations. This was not met very well by the Republicans such as Representative John Loughlin who hit back with the same accusations about the dark money used for Democrat campaigns. Whitehouse has also received opposition from other Republicans such Rep. Robert Nadillo of Coventry State and Justice Robert Flanders, a former Supreme Court judge who will battle it out in the next elections for the senatorial position.


This PAC has devoted itself to making sure that the people or organizations with hefty checkbooks do not interfere with the politics of the USA. It has contributed more than $4 million in three months and is looking up to $ 35 million in contributions coming 2018 midterm elections. This PAC is headed by Tiffany Muller who is the president and the executive director of the group. She had announced that about 100,000 people are committed to their cause by contribution, the majority of who contribute for the first time she is determined when it comes to making sure huge contributors to politics do not rig the system by having the bigger influence. This has been made sure by Tiffany that nobody contributes more than $5000 to End Citizens United per donor.


Contributors to the End Citizens United has been advised to raise half a million dollars towards the campaigns of Jon Ossof. He is a first-time Democrat congressman political candidate in Georgia. Jon Ossof pulled an amazing surprise to many politicians by raising more than $4 million for the campaign to fill a vacant seat in the Republican House. This was left vacant by the appointment of Tom Price as A Secretary of Health and Human Services. This PAC is pushing for its agenda, and it might eventually succeed.



Sheldon Lavin – CEO Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is a privately owned American company involving meat processors that service the retail and food industries. Their headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin holds an extremely high figure in the food processing industry. Lavin also serves as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd., and continues to remain a very active member in the company’s operations and development.

Sheldon Lavin has been involved in the industry for over forty years. He started in 1970 when he was involved in the financing details of Otto & Sons, which eventually developed into OSI Group. Lavin was responsible for overseeing the day to day functions of the company, and lead the food processing company into a quick growing cycle. OSI Group is proud to say that they are now located in more than 60 locations across 60 different countries.

Sheldon Lavin was rewarded with a Global Visionary Award in recognition for all of his accomplishments. His presence and efforts in bringing the international scene to OSI Group has been a major contributor to the job growth from all over the world. The award was presented to him on February 20, 2016, and he is very humbled, yet proud to receive such a wonderful reward. For the life span of the company, he has been very committed to the overall welfare of the growing company and its employees.

Throughout the years of success within the company of OSI Group, they have also received a list of Environmental and Sustainability Awards under Sheldon Lavin’s care. He hopes that the next generation of corporate leaders will continue to work for the good of the company and continue to help grow with time. He hopes to help others develop their responsible ways within the company, and put forth a responsible effort that will enable the contribution necessary to grow the global commerce and enhance the opportunities for their employees.

Sheldon Lavin continues to remain involved in many charitable organizations and continues to give back to the growing community in hopes to help each member of society.

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An Eye Opener on the Life of Brad Reifler

An article on PR Newswire, Brad Reifler is a renowned business entrepreneur, financial consultant, and advisor. He graduated with a Degree in Economics from Bowdoin College. He immediately became an independent entrepreneur, establishing his company, Reifler Trading Company in the year 1982. The company that was involved in carrying out international business. He successfully ran the company until the year 2000 when he sold the company to Refco.

In the year 1995, he developed and ran Pali Capital, which he led as the Chief Executive Officer up to the year 2008. He also led Pali Capital and saw it spread to Austria, Britain, and Singapore. During his tenure, Pali Capital could report yearly returns of up to $200m. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.barrons.com/articles/the-mystery-stock-thats-up-14-fold-this-year-1482555949

In 2014, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust. He says that he developed this company for the middle-class Americans, so that they could be able to venture in investments which were thought to be for the rich. The company operates in a way that it makes no revenue until the owner of the money has made at least eight percent on their investment.

It also allows for direct investment without any further charges being imposed. Of the investments made, the company donates three percent to soldiers that survived wars as well as to their immediate families. The initiative is carried out in conjunction with Easter Seals Dixon Center.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer of the Forefront Management Group Company. The firm has several other smaller companies under it, and all these subsidiary companies are aimed at providing the best financial advice and solutions to their clients. Managed by Brad Reifler, the companies rely on his in-depth expertise, knowledge, and, experience in the business field to thrive.

Brad Reifler is also an advisor linked with several advisory bodies and groups such as Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and, the European American Investment Bank.

He is an independent, credible person in Mill brook schools where he is also the head of the Finance Council. Brad has also been linked to the successful operations in Wins Finance Holdings, Sino Mercury Company, and Genesis Securities. He is a legal holder of licenses like series 3,7,24 and 63.

Rising Star Fabletics Beats Out Retail Behemoth Using Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics was launched almost three years ago by co-founder Kate Hudson, who has become one of the most notable faces of the new venture. Since then, the company has managed to grow into a 250 million dollar enterprise. It has also become the market leader of the increasingly popular athleisure movement. But how did they manage to beat out establishes fashion brands to become such a massive success?


One of the biggest competitors in fashion e-commerce Amazon. The global giant has cornered more than 20 percent of this market. Therefore, any emerging brands must come up with a flawless, targeted plan to successfully go up against the behemoth. Fabletics found the perfect recipe for success by designing a great product, utilizing innovative marketing techniques, and ensuring a pleasant user experience through convenient subscription and purchase.


In the past, luxury brands have distinguished themselves through superior product quality and expensive pricing. But, recent changes in customer behavior has made it impossible for brands to flourish based on just these metrics. Instead, customer buying decisions are now influenced more by unique designs, brand recognition, and emotive ad campaigns.


Fabletics have incorporated all this into their overall strategy, and have even gone a step further. They have been able to flip the concept of showrooming on its head and effectively apply the reverse showroom technique. This involves the company knowing their target audience better and developing strong relationships with them. In this model, up to 50 percent of the people who visit a Fabletics store are already subscribed, members.


And based on reviews by regular users, this strategy is clearly working. A particularly popular review rated Fabletics’ proving quality as higher than anticipated at the company’s price point. Further, the availability of a wide range of unique styles to suit various tastes was also seen as a plus for customers. Another point in the company’s favor was its website, which the reviewer said has a beautiful, fun design and is easy to navigate.


Another reviewer famous for searching out the best deals gave Fabletics her seal of approval. She is especially enamored by the low prices on items especially for people subscribed for VIP membership. Overall, she named Fabletics a great bargain considering the quality of merchandise a buyer can expect to get.


In the end, it is no wonder that Fabletics was able to be successful in such a short time. They have been able to offer unique designs at an affordable price. As they continue to beat out their competition, Fabletics is sure to establish themselves as an enduring global powerhouse in no time.

How Sam Tabar is dedicated to his Career

Sam Tabar is among the best attorneys in New York. He is also a finance expert and has majored in dealing with hedge funds. Tabar currently works at FullCycle Energy Fund and has been its chief operations officer since 2015. He has been working towards accomplishing the goal of the firm, which is to make sure that people avoid the use of fossil fuels that are not friendly to the environment. The firm has been advocating for the use of green energy that does not pollute the ecosystem.

According to Arts Station, Sam Tabar schooled at the Oxford University, and he graduated from the institution with BA and MA degrees. He then pursued his masters in law at the Columbia Law School.

After graduating from law school, the New York State Bar approved him to serve as the attorney. Sam kicked off his profession as a lawyer by working for Skadden, Arps, Slate, & Meagher. Another leading law company that he used to work for is Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Sam Tabar served different firms during his career in the finance industry. Merrill Lynch hired him to lead its Asia Pacific branch. Tabar was appointed by the company in 2011, and he offered excellent investment guidance to its clients.

He once worked at PMA where and specialized in providing a broad array of hedge fund solutions. The company offered him top positions such as M.D and the business development leader due to his hardworking nature.

FullCycle Energy Fund had played a significant role in advocating for the use of sustainable energy from when it was established in 2013. The enterprise has invested a lot of money in the companies that generate green energy. One of the main projects that it has developed is a power plant that uses municipal waste to produce energy. Sam Tabar is in charge of monitoring the company’s programs to make sure that they are all successful.

Tabar is highly interested in emerging businesses. He is among the private investors who own a capital venture that is called Tribute. Sam has also ventured in a startup that is known as SheThinx. The company has been manufacturing undergarments that assist women in controlling their menstruation.

MB2 Solutions Here to Help With the Boring Stuff

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that specializes in dental services. They work as partners to different affiliated dentists as well as different practice owners all over. MB2 Dental provides their offices that they are affiliated with many different types of services so that they are able to efficiently run their practices.

They are given the ability to do this without the problem of having to give up their control of patient care and the different standards of care that they provide at their practice. The dental offices that they are affiliated with make sure that they maintain 100% of clinical autonomy and they are able to efficiently run every aspect of their practice with the help of MB2 Dental Solutions.

When working with MB2 Dental, all that has to be worried about is dentistry. The rest will be taken care of and worried about by MB2 Dental. With MB2, it is recognized that patient care as well as satisfaction is the most important to all of the affiliated dental offices. According to White Pages, because of this reason, MB2 Solutions has made sure to align their business around this specific priority.

All aspects of dental practice management that are in non-clinical areas, tasks which may be confusing to deal with, tasks that may be burdensome or even time consuming tasks for dentists are all handled by the team of experts at MB2. This gives owners of dental practices the ability to put all of their focus on their patient care as well as their dentistry.

In order to be able to practice as a dentist, they must first complete a rigorous credentialing process. This is required by participating providers that are chosen by an affiliate office. Credentialing means that dentist then become affiliated with different insurance provider companies. This is done so that they are able to accept reimbursements from third parties, such as insurance companies.

Once a dentist provides MB2 with the information needed, they will then handle the whole credentialing process for all of the prospective dentists. This is done in accordance with all of the different applicable standards as well as the regulations. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://mb2dental.com/about-mb2/leadership-team/

MB2’s credential department will work as quickly as possible to help ensure that this process will be taken care of as fast as possible. Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist located in Carrollton, Texas. He also practices in Waxahachie, Texas at Picasso Dental. Dr. Reddy works with MB2 Dental Solutions.

The Power Of The Internet

Many people today realize how valuable the internet is for giving out information on a variety of topics. Jason Hope is the type of person who is always working towards projects in the future. He sees all kinds of opportunity for people who want to start up a business.

If you are ready to build your business to the next level, learning some key points from Jason Hope is a great idea. There are a lot of people who are excited about some of the changes that he is starting to make in his life. Now is the time to do so in a variety of other ways as well.

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Starting an Online Company

For some people, starting an online business sounds like a scam. However, there are people all over the world who are making sales and profits through their online business. This is a great way to take your life to the next level in a variety of ways. If you are ready to start investing for the future, you can figure out a way to build an online presence that makes sense over time. Jason Hope is excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in his life and career. Not only that, but he is ready to start investing for the future as well. If you want to excel in a variety of areas in your life, this is the way to do so. Jason Hope can help you get there with your goals.

Learn more about Jason Hope at http://jasonhopefuturist.wordpress.com/.