Avaaz Organization Promoting Online Activism Globally

Avaaz is a progressive NGO founded in 2007. It is a civic-based organization controlling progressive causes and promotes global activism on issues involved in human rights, climate change, animal rights, poverty, corruption, and conflict. Service Employees International Union organization offered support to Avaaz organization. Thus, it was founded by groups and individuals.

Some of the groups that co-founded were Res Publica, a community made of professionals from the public sector promoting democracy and MoveOn.Org group, an American non-profit organization advocating for public policy. Some of the individuals who co-founded are Ricken Patel and Tom Pravda.

Avaaz Organization contributed to different organizations for example in 2009, Avaaz setup web proxy servers giving a platform for protesters to upload videos during the Iranian presidential election protests. Moreover, Avaaz contributed to the civil uprising before the Syrian Civil War by $ 1.5 million of web communication facilities to protesters training activists. They also supplied medical facilities and helped in the evacuation operations among others.

Ricken Patel serves as the president and executive director of Avaaz. Before, Avaaz was funded by foundations, but since 2009, it does not allow donations or payments above $5,000. The organization exclusively depends on individual members’ generosity. The organization has a team of campaigners globally in more than 30countries managing the campaigns.

Communication to all members is conducted through emails. Different campaigning tactics are used such as videos, email-your-leader tools, and online public petitions. Members make campaign suggestions and then and the campaign tactics listed are sampled weekly by specialists. After a potential tactic has been found, tester emails are polled to ten thousand members of Avaaz. When the emails receive more response, the campaign is opened up to all Avaaz members. Avaaz believes it will unite practical idealists worldwide.