An Eye Opener on the Life of Brad Reifler

An article on PR Newswire, Brad Reifler is a renowned business entrepreneur, financial consultant, and advisor. He graduated with a Degree in Economics from Bowdoin College. He immediately became an independent entrepreneur, establishing his company, Reifler Trading Company in the year 1982. The company that was involved in carrying out international business. He successfully ran the company until the year 2000 when he sold the company to Refco.

In the year 1995, he developed and ran Pali Capital, which he led as the Chief Executive Officer up to the year 2008. He also led Pali Capital and saw it spread to Austria, Britain, and Singapore. During his tenure, Pali Capital could report yearly returns of up to $200m. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

In 2014, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust. He says that he developed this company for the middle-class Americans, so that they could be able to venture in investments which were thought to be for the rich. The company operates in a way that it makes no revenue until the owner of the money has made at least eight percent on their investment.

It also allows for direct investment without any further charges being imposed. Of the investments made, the company donates three percent to soldiers that survived wars as well as to their immediate families. The initiative is carried out in conjunction with Easter Seals Dixon Center.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer of the Forefront Management Group Company. The firm has several other smaller companies under it, and all these subsidiary companies are aimed at providing the best financial advice and solutions to their clients. Managed by Brad Reifler, the companies rely on his in-depth expertise, knowledge, and, experience in the business field to thrive.

Brad Reifler is also an advisor linked with several advisory bodies and groups such as Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and, the European American Investment Bank.

He is an independent, credible person in Mill brook schools where he is also the head of the Finance Council. Brad has also been linked to the successful operations in Wins Finance Holdings, Sino Mercury Company, and Genesis Securities. He is a legal holder of licenses like series 3,7,24 and 63.