The Driving Force Behind Betsy DeVos and the School Choice Movement

Right now, the educational system of the United States is in a very delicate state. Although education is one of the most important and crucial departments to make a population grow alongside its country and flag, the school system is not favorable for all types of social and monetary condition. Those who have the power to afford private schools usually have the better education, and this system improves the disparity between poor and rich.


Thankfully, Elisabeth Dee DeVos, formerly known as Elisabeth Prince, is one of the many philanthropists who is aiming to change this reality forever.


Betsy DeVos, as she is popularly referred to, was born on January 8, 1958. She is currently the U.S. Secretary of Education, a role she earned for her many years fighting for the educational system reform and battling to raise the awareness of politicians when it came to the problem that many families are facing when having to find a suitable school for their kids.


She is, besides the philanthropist and activist that she is known for being, also an American businesswoman and a politician who always aimed to listen to every complaint on the educational system and pass them forward.


The Republican party that represents Betsy’s goals for the American education is the School Choice movement, which aims to make the school system available for all types of families in the U.S., and change the reality where private schools hold benefits over public schools in a way that they are much more appealing to families that can’t even afford them.


Besides her role in the Republican party, Betsy DeVos was also the committeewoman for Michigan for almost five years, and serves as Chairman of her Republican party when she was still advocating for the educational system. Nowadays, she remains as a member of the board of directors of the institution “Foundation for Excellence in Education,” which aims to fight for the same principles as the U.S. Secretary of Education.


Betsy DeVos is married to Richard Dick DeVos, her husband and childhood best friend. Both studied in a charter school, and both were born in families who had favorable monetary conditions, never having to struggle with lack of money and extreme poverty. However, they did not close their eyes to the conditions of their classmates. Some of them, which they still remember the names to this date, were born in families that could not healthily afford the school they were in, but their families were struggling and giving their biggest efforts to pay for that education.


This reality was the stepping stone to what would become the motivation behind the actions of both Betsy DeVos and her husband, two of the biggest philanthropists in the United States. Betsy is currently a chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Organization “Alliance for School Choice,” and also participates in the All Children Matter PAC.


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