What Fabletics Has Done To Get One Million Active Customers

There is something that every successful brand these days is thinking about. It is the power of online reviews, also known as the power of the crowd. Let’s take a look at a company called Fabletics. It is a major player in the fashion industry. It has over one million active repeat subscribers. It has seen a growth rate of over two hundred percent since it first launched a few years ago. It is now worth over two hundred and fifty million dollars. Fabletics certainly leverages the power of the crowd. In fact, they have over thirty thousand reviews on TrustPilot alone. They are constantly responding to reviews and encouraging engagement.


There are many benefits to having positive online reviews. The first is that people will be more likely to buy from you. Studies have shown that people are just as likely to trust online reviews as they are a recommendation from a friend or family member. Reviews are also likely to get existing customers to purchase from you yet a second time. Again, we must go back to Fabletics. They have over one million repeat customers. This is not something to be brushed off to the side or laughed at. Eighty five percent of their revenue comes from repeat customers. Not only that, but seventeen percent of new customers are referrals made by repeat customers.


In addition, positive reviews are known to increase organic search engine rankings. A study done by Moz showed that positive reviews made it more likely for a company to appear at the top of local search results, as well as in the three pack of local businesses that Google shows for local searchers. This includes reviews on Trustpilot. This is because Trustpilot is a partner with Google, and helps improve a company’s Google Seller Rating. This influences ads as well. Companies with a Google Seller Rating can see an improved click through rate on their online ads.


People are known to search for online reviews a lot. In fact, fifty percent of respondents in a study done by Bright Local said that they search for online reviews on a regular basis. People search for online reviews when purchasing products in a store, too. In fact, most of the time they are not looking for price comparisons, but rather at online reviews.


Kate Hudson is a famous actress. You probably already know that she was the star of the popular film Almost Famous. However, she is also a marketing genius who has helped Fabletics see extreme growth. She has been with them from the beginning. She personifies the Fabletics brand, which was why she was asked to join them. She helps shape their strategy and messaging. She has helped them achieve a top rating with the Better Business Bureau.


If you are into fashionable clothing, it is a good idea to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz. This way, you will get matched with the right kinds and styles of clothing that are perfect for you.