Why Leonardo Dicaprio Invested In Livio Bisterzo’s Vegan HIPPEAS

Just recently, HIPPEAS founder took to the media to announce his vegan snack company’s newest investor, the legendary actor, and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. According to a press release, by Livio Bisterzo, Leonardo had acquired a minority stake for an undisclosed amount at the snack company that has been growing rapidly both in the United States and the UK. Though the company wasn’t actively looking for funding, Livio mentioned that he was privileged to bring on board DiCaprio as a partner given that his interests perfectly aligned with the company’s visions and values.

So far, the HIPPEAS snack, which is available in six flavors have received warm embrace in over 20,000 stores in both the US and UK. It would be interesting to see the heights the snack will possibly hit after DiCaprio’s popularity and capital injection.

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DiCaprio’s interests in HIPPEAS
Leonardo DiCaprio has for long been quite vocal about the need for the conservation of the environment. He is also a climate change brand ambassador. In 2014, he produced a documentary film, Cowspiracy, which sought to explore and enlighten the world on the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. His investment in the vegan snack, HIPPEAS, the brand can, therefore, be interpreted as a step towards the actualization of his believes in climate conservation.

What makes the HIPPEAS snacks so attractive?
During the recently concluded 2017 sweets and snacks expo in Chicago, the HIPPEAS booth was pulsating with excitement. Such interest in the brand is partly attributable to the snack’s unique taste on the one hand and DiCaprio’s partnership on the other. However, when asked what the Green Park Owned company was doing differently to elicit such interest in the snack, Livio is optimistic that the secret lies in its preparation. He is quoted as saying that of all the roasted chicken pea snacks currently available, none can match the level of extrusion and bakery techniques that went into producing HIPPEAS.

About Livio Bisterzo
Livio is the co-founder of the HIPPEAS brand and the current CEO and founder of its parent company, Green Park Brands. Being an entrepreneur for the most of his life, Livio Bisterzo has tasted both failure and success with the different brands that he has helped champion. To date, his most successful outfit remains the HIPPEAS and UGLY Water brands, popularized under the Green Park banner.

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