Growth of Tom Keane Microsoft

Tom Keane is an industry specialist with over 30 years of experience in the IT field. He started his career as a computer programmer for NASA and used that knowledge to become the CIO for Microsoft. This year, Tom Keane will be working as a Senior Technical Fellow at Microsoft Azure and is developing their New Skills Development Program. 


Azure Microsoft is a cloud computing platform that allows you to use system resources on demand over the Internet. Those resources can be applications, such as servers or data. Tom Keane explains that the service is not limited to just the operating system, though, like a virtual machine will allow you to use operating systems and applications in other environments. 


The services have recently released more than 25 new features to enhance their platform further as Tom Keane recalls. He is working on the Azure New Skills Development Program. The program will result from their current project to create a new skills development program for the platform. 

Tom Keane at Microsoft Ignite

It is a great opportunity for individuals who wish to develop skills in computational development, programming languages, and IoT. It will be a step-by-step process to help people work with the platform to create their applications using their knowledge to build their next great invention. And Tom Keane is successfully leading all their projects.


Tom Keane will teach the Azure core concepts, such as Azure Service Fabric, Azure Functions, IoT Hub, and the rest of their system. He will also show how these systems can be combined to create an application that can integrate with all other Azure tools. He will explain when and why these applications should be used to develop further and grow their skills.