Doug Haynes

Doug HaynesIn order to create long lasting partnerships the key is establishing trust. A large part of this trust comes from your ability to listen to what each other needs and wants. If you aren’t listening then you will never understand what works for them and therefore won’t be able to help them improve. Trust is also an emotional response to other people. To demonstrate your trustworthiness you need to display empathy, respect, and compassion. Without any of these traits your partner may feel that you are not genuine. Doug Haynes is an advisor to the Council. His experience includes leading a mutual fund company and serving as a senior partner at a global management consulting firm. He also founded a start-up company focused on helping businesses understand and use big data. After graduating from WVU, Haynes continued his education at George Washington University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, then went on to earn an MBA in Finance/Management Information Systems in 1998. After completing the program, Haynes began a career in professional services. Working in both real estate and financial services, Haynes gained experience in project management, marketing strategy, client service, sales, and problem solving. He transitioned to become a full time consultant, specializing in information technology. He also became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).In his early years after graduating, Haynes began researching the business world. He went on to earn an MBA at the Darden Graduate School of Management at VA. After attending the school, Doug Haynes found himself wanting to pursue something different. So he shifted gears and decided to join an industry where he knew he could add value. Thus, he joined an international management consulting firm where he found success before moving on to another company. A key benefit of joining the team was gaining experience working with industry leaders, creating opportunities for personal growth. He remembers how he benefited from those experiences and the many skills he gained along the way. The ability to get out of your comfort zone, embrace diversity, and collaborate across cultures is priceless. By challenging yourself you grow and mature.

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