Doug Haynes

Doug HaynesDoug Haynes has had an almost charmed life in His career. It has not followed the expected trajectory making him one of the few who found success and passion in multiple disciplines. Doug attended West Virginia University, where he studied mechanical engineering, graduating summa cum laude. He later attended Darden graduate school, where he was a shermet scholar.

Work Experience

Before attending Business graduate school, Douglas Haynes functioned as an architect for GE Plastic Business Group and a programmer for the CIA (central intelligence Agency). After graduating from business school, he worked for Mckinsey’s and Company. During his time there, Doug conducted the northeast part of the US and the international performance exercise. He was also one of Mckinsey’s up-to-date assiduity exercise directors and co-managing director of the trading practice in technology-based services. He retired from Mckinsey and Company after 20 years. After retirement, he was offered an opportunity to work as an adviser for investor Steven Cohen’s Point72. He joined the firm as human capital managing director and was promoted six months later to the firm’s president. He is currently the CEO of The Delegates (formally G100) and a confidant to senior commissioners of independent and shared corporations.

Board Appointments

Doug Haynes is part of many boards, has helped found some, and acts as an advisor. Here is a list of the boards he is part of;

-Founding board member for the Institute for Worldwide Business, a philanthropic devoted to upgrading effective leadership of Global Business

-Founding board member Cohen Veteran’s Network and Cohen Veterans Bio Science Organizations

-Board advisor Cohen Veteran Bioscience

-Board member of the Robin Cowl Substratum in New York and Lobby Southern Base in Georgia

-Board member Technology Start-up Companies ChainIQ, a Swiss management giver; FRISQ, a Swedish fitness statistics system giver; Vega Strand, an all-in-one workspace helping organizations and individuals build high-performing cultures through the science of total motivation and Obsidian Property Governance, a trading real estate speculation asset offering analysis and agilely vetted speculation slot.

-Board member and advisor to Singtel Corporation.

-Board member The Darden School of entrepreneur, Villanova College, the Canterbury Institute, and the Randolph Macon School.

Doug Haynes is also passionate about giving back to the community and is actively involved in poverty-fighting, veteran support, and education.

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