Damien Granderson at Koch Entertainment

Guy Blake and Damien Granderson met 15 years ago while negotiating a record distribution deal; Blake was Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes’ associate. At the same time, he was an in-house attorney at Koch Entertainment at the time of their meeting. 


Blake had left Legal & Business Affairs at Warner Chappell before joining Davis Shapiro. After the negotiation, Guy Blake and the entertainment lawyer became colleagues at Davis Shapiro. Damien Granderson notes that they decided to let go of their egos and work on clients together. 


When the two resolved to launch a firm, their vision was to have a collaborative style where clients would not be limited to only one attorney. Rather, as Damien Granderson explains, a client would have a team of attorneys that could showcase their expertise in the different areas that a client could thrive. 


They wanted to have multiple entertainment law practices that would include highly talented lawyers with different legal backgrounds and experiences. Such as Damien Granderson, who could take care of all entertainment needs for clients, including film, music, corporate, fashion, branding, and new media, among others. 

Damien Granderson has supervised an array of deals, such as J Balvin with UMG. Also, major deals for H.E.R., J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, Quality Control Music, and NE-YO. On the other hand, Blake has been involved in negotiations of major deals.